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ERASER TATTOO CommonLit Answers Key

Discussion Questions & Answers

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Q.1. In “Eraser Tattoo,” Shay moves away from Dante. Has someone close to you ever moved away? How did you continue the relationship?
Ans: Yes, someone close to me has moved away. In order to continue the relationship, we had to rely on technology and communication. We kept in contact through texting and video calls and maintained our relationship by talking about our lives and catching up with each other.

Q.2. How would you describe Dante and Shay’s relationship? How did it develop over time? Do you think it’s strong enough to survive Shay’s move? Why or why not?
Ans: Dante and Shay’s relationship is complicated and tumultuous. Initially, Dante was shy and distant around Shay, but as the story progressed, they developed a strong friendship. Dante opened up to Shay, and they began to form a strong bond. Despite their differences, they were able to come together and form a strong friendship. I think that their connection is strong enough to survive Shay’s move, as they have both grown to care deeply for one another.

Q.3. In “Eraser Tattoo,” Dante allows Shay to give him an eraser tattoo before she leaves. Do you think this was a good idea? Why or why not?
Ans: I think it was a good idea for Dante to allow Shay to give him an eraser tattoo before she left. The eraser tattoo symbolizes their relationship and serves as a reminder of Shay for Dante. The tattoo is a permanent reminder of their friendship and will serve as a reminder of their bond with Dante.


Assessment Questions & Answers

Following are our answers based on the questions provided:

Q.1. Which statement best describes the main theme of the passage?
Ans: First love has a lasting effect on a person.

Q.2. How does paragraph 10 contribute to the story?
Ans: It establishes how important the house is to Shay’s family.

Q.3. How does the knowledge that Shay is leaving affect Dante?
Ans: It prompts Dante to give Shay the eraser tattoo she always wanted.

Q.4. What is the significance of Shay’s words and actions in paragraph 78? “No doubt, homie,’ she replied, her whisper bookended by sniffles. Then she pinched him on the butt.”
Ans: They show Shay admitting, for the first time, that she loves Dante.

Q.5. What is the most likely meaning of paragraphs 82-83, as they apply to Dante and Shay’s relationship? He knew the sting wouldn’t last forever. / But the scar would.
Ans: The pain of Shay’s absence will fade, but Dante will always remember her.

Q.6. How does the author develop Dante and Shay’s relationship over the course of the passage?
Ans: The passage’s author gradually reveals the background of Dante and Shay’s connection and depicts their interactions in the present to develop their friendship. At the beginning of the section, the reader is informed that Dante and Shay are planning something together and that Dante adores Shay. The reader learns as the novel goes along that Shay taught Dante how to tie his shoes when they were five years old and that Shay frequently gets Dante to kiss her cuts when she gets hurt. These specifics demonstrate the long-standing friendship between Dante and Shay and his protectiveness towards her.
While they wait for Shay’s dad to go, the author also shows the depth of their bond by having them have a private moment. When Dante declares his love for Shay, she reacts by tenderly kissing him on the face. This scene is essential because it shows how close and devoted Dante and Shay are to one another.
Finally, by having them say farewell before Shay departs for the South, the author highlights the emotion of their connection. Shay needs to remind Dante of the repercussions if her dad finds him since he is unwilling to let her go. This scenario demonstrates how devoted Dante is to Shay and how challenging it is for them to part ways.
Overall, by progressively disclosing the history of their relationship, demonstrating how they communicate now, having them share a private moment, and having them say goodbye sentimentally, the author skillfully develops Dante and Shay’s relationship over the length of the passage.


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In CommonLit, “ERASER TATTOO” is one of the students’ favorite articles authored by Jason Reynolds for grade 10 students.

In this beautiful short story, Dante & Shay’s love is tested when Shay needs to move out of her home.


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