Ratios Flocabulary Answers 2024 [FREE Access]

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Ratios Flocabulary Answers

Ratios Flocabulary Quiz Answers

Find the free answers to Ratios Flocabulary quiz questions below:

Q1. In the pattern below, what is the ratio of striped squares to total squares?…. Ans: C
Q2. Chidi goes hiking. She sees 1 hummingbird and 6 blackbirds. What is the ratio of hummingbirds to blackbirds?.… Ans: C
Q3. Chidi goes hiking. She sees 1 hummingbird and 6 blackbirds. What is the ratio of hummingbirds to blackbirds?…. Ans: B
Q4. Desiree created a website with separate pages for videos, games, photos and poems. She made the table below to show how many clicks each of these pages got on Tuesday. What is the ratio of clicks on the game page to clicks on the video page in simplest form?…. Ans: D
Q5. The table below contains a and b in equivalent ratios. Fill in the missing value in the table.… Ans: A
Q6. Jordan is knitting a sweater. He keeps track of how many balls of green and yellow yarn he uses in the table below. If he uses 15 balls of yellow yarn, how many balls of green yarn will he need?.… Ans: D
Q7. A school wants 2 chaperones for every 25 students on a field trip. There are 100 students going on the field trip. How many chaperones does the school need?…. Ans: B
Q8. Will works at a shoe store. For every 2 pairs of striped shoes he sells, he sells 3 pairs of neon shoes. Will sold 12 pairs of striped shoes. How many pairs of neon shoes did he sell?… Ans: D
Q9. Nasim is making hot sauce. She puts in chile peppers and tomatoes in a ratio of 1 to 3. If she puts in 9 tomatoes, how many chile peppers should she put in?… Ans: A
Q10. Jess is painting his car. He’s created a purple color that uses red paint and blue paint in a ratio of 6:5. Jess uses 15 pints of blue paint. How many pints of paint does he use in total?… Ans: B


Ratios Flocabulary Read & Respond Answers

Please check out the Read & Respond answers for the topic we are discussing:

Q1. Which of these could you represent with a ratio?… Ans: A
Q2. The ratio of meatballs to the total number of toppings on a pizza is 2:5. Can this be thought of as a fraction?… Ans: C
Q3. Which of these ratios is equivalent to 2:3?… Ans: B
Q4. Simplify the ratio 5:35.… Ans: A
Q5. A cookie mixture requires 3 teaspoons of sugar for every 4 teaspoons of salt. You want to triple the mixture. Which of these describes the ratio of teaspoons of sugar to salt you will use?… Ans: B



In Flocabulary, Ratios is a hot topic that comes under Math > Ratio & proportional Relationships.

Apart from the answers that we discussed above, this topic also covers Video tutorials, Vocab Cards, Lyric Lab & much more fun interactions which you can find in their main dashboard.


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