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Grandma's Music ReadWorks Answer Key

Grandma’s Music ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers to the article “Grandma’s Music“-

Q.1. What kind of music does Ricky like?
Ans: hip-hop music

Q.2. Who are the two main characters in this story?
Ans: Ricky and Grandma Johnson

Q.3. Read the following sentences from the text. “’I don’t know how you get anything done listening to that hippity hoppity noise!’ she exclaims… What can you conclude about Grandma Johnson and Ricky based on this information?
Ans: Grandma Johnson and Ricky have different opinions about something that is important to Ricky.

Q.4. What is one reason that Grandma Johnson wants to take Ricky to a Stevie Wonder concert?
Ans: to include him in a family tradition

Q.5. What is one theme in this story?
Ans: Connecting to your family’s history can reveal interesting connections to modern-day life.

Q.6. Read the following sentences from the text. “Each member of the band is focused on his or her own performance, but the instruments blend together seamlessly to produce beautiful, harmonious sounds.” What does the word harmonious most closely mean, as it’s used in this sentence?
Ans: many different parts working together as one

Q.7. Choose the word that best completes the following sentence. At first, Ricky doesn’t think Stevie Wonder’s music is connected to modern music, but _ he realizes that Stevie Wonder’s music has influenced some of his favorite music.
Ans: eventually

Q.8. What is one connection Ricky finds between Stevie Wonder’s music and hip-hop music?
Ans: He finds a connection between Stevie Wonder’s song “Do I Do” and a Ja Rule song. Students may alternatively note that Ricky finds a connection between the song “Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)” and a Frank Ocean song, “Sweet LIfe.”

Q.9. How does Ricky’s attitude towards Stevie Wonder’s music change from before the concert to after the concert?
Ans: Before the concert, Ricky is embarrassed to be going to see a concert with lots of older people, and doesn’t think the concert will be very entertaining. After, he thinks that Stevie Wonder’s performance was very exciting, and he finds connections between Wonder’s music and the modern hip-hop music he likes.

Q.10. How do Ricky and Grandma Johnson connect through music?
Ans: They connect by teaching each other about the music that they both like and taking time to listen and learn about new music forms and how they build on each other.


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