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The Mouse That Scored ReadWorks Answer Key

The Mouse That Scored ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers to the article “The Mouse That Scored“-

Q.1. What has Reuben submitted to the city-wide art contest?
Ans: a Lego basketball

Q.2. How does the text contrast the way people expect Reuben to play basketball to how he actually plays?
Ans: Reuben is tall so people expect him to be a great basketball player, but he is not a good basketball player nor is he interested in the sport.

Q.3. Read the following sentences from the text. “’Huh,’ his mom said, then frowned and replied, ‘Even so, mice are no use to no one.’… What conclusion can you draw from this evidence about how Reuben feels?
Ans: Reuben feels like others see him as useless and wants to change that.

Q.4. Why does Reuben feel like he matters when he wins the city-wide art contest?
Ans: He feels like his classmates can see him for his strengths.

Q.5. What is one main theme of this story?
Ans: It is important to appreciate people for their unique interests and strengths.

Q.6. Why does the author include the conversation Reuben has with his mother about mice?
Ans: to make the connection that Reuben feels small and unimportant, like a mouse

Q.7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence below. Reuben couldn’t wait for school to be over _ he heard the announcement on the loudspeaker that he won the art contest.
Ans: until

Q.8. What animal does Reuben feel like when he’s playing basketball?
Ans: Reuben feels like a mouse when he’s playing basketball.

Q.9. How do Reuben’s classmates react when they hear that he won the art contest?
Ans: They cheer and congratulate him.

Q.10. What does Reuben mean when he says “Finally, this mouse matters….Finally, this mouse scored!”? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.
Ans: Answers will vary but should be based on the text. Answers may include that Reuben is referring to himself as a mouse and saying that his win in the contest was like his scoring in basketball. He felt like he didn’t matter to others before, like a mouse. Now, he feels like he matters because his classmates recognize that he won something for the whole school by using his building skills.


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