Relative Problems ReadWorks Answer Key 2024

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Relative Problems ReadWorks Answer Key

Relative Problems ReadWorks Answer Key

Following are the answers for the article “Relative Problems”-

Q1. Why are Lauren’s friends upset with her?… Ans: They think Lauren invited Beth to her birthday party but not them

Q2. What is one of the settings of the story?… Ans: The Museum of Natural History

Q3. Read these sentences from the text.“His smile faded, and he bit his lip. ‘My parents are getting a divorce,’ he half-mumbled. He tilted his head further back, as though wanting to block out everything but the underside of the whale.”Based on this evidence, how does Billy most likely feel about his parents’ divorce?… Ans: He is in pain

Q4. Read this sentence from the text. “As Lauren followed him off the bus, she noticed something thrilling: she couldn’t see over Billy’s head.”Why was Lauren thrilled about this?… Ans: She was self-conscious about her own height, so the fact that Billy was taller made her feel more comfortable.

Q5. What is the main idea of this story?… Ans: Lauren worries less about her problems as she becomes friends with Billy and learns about his parents’ divorce.

Q6. What part of the story does the title, “Relative Problems,” refer to?… Ans: Lauren’s problems are relatively small compared to Billy’s problem.

Q7. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence. Billy and Lauren have been neighbors for a long time and had grown up together for a while. __, Lauren thinks it’s strange that they had not really spent time together since the fifth grade… Ans: Thus

Q8. What advice did Billy give to Lauren about her friends?… Ans: He told Lauren to ignore their laughter and that she and her friends would eventually make up.

Q9. How did Billy feel about being Lauren’s field trip buddy?… Ans: He was excited and enthusiastic.

Q10. How does Billy influence Lauren in the story? Support your answer with evidence from the text… Ans: At the beginning of this story, Lauren is badly haunted with her own problems. Her friends are very much fed up with her, & she is self-conscious about being the tallest girl in class. But, as she & Billy start talking and spending time together, Lauren doesn’t feel so bad. She notices that Billy is also tall, which makes her feel more comfortable with her own height. She also finds that she doesn’t care about being separated from her friends when she is with Billy. By the end of the story, Lauren is listening to Billy about his problems instead of thinking about her own.



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