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Reading Plus LEVEL F Answers Key

A Global Art

Q. This selection is mainly about
Ans: The history & popularity of a specific art form

Q. What do these two excerpts have in common?
Ans: Both list popular anime films or shows

Q. Based on this excerpt, which statement best summarizes the difference between super robots
Ans: Super robots are fantasy, but real robots are realistic

Q. This image of an anime character shows which common anime
Ans: Overly large eyes

Q. Based on what you have read, this selection can best be described as
Ans: Informational nonfiction

Q. “Dubbed” anime has
Ans: English-speaking actors whose voices are recorded over the Japanese

Q. Anime is the Japanese word for
Ans: Nimated drawings or images

Q. In the 1980s, which two events helped anime spread to new audiences?
Ans: The availability of home video & C.the creation of video games using

Q. Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon, got his idea from
Ans: Collecting insects when he was a child

Q. In this expert, what does the term “short-lived” most closely mean?
Ans: Brief or temporary



Q. This selection is mainly about
Ans: efforts to solvethe world’s waste problem and what you can do tohelp.

Q. The average American produces about
Ans: 1,650 pounds of trash a year.

Q. Which of the following could be considered a good way to recycle waste?
Ans: feeding worms foodscraps to make compost

Q. If someone in Switzerland put out a trash bag without a sticker on it, trash collections would
Ans: pass by the trash bag and leave it by the curb.

Q. What does this excerpt tell you about the behavior of some Swiss citizens?
Ans: Despite a highrecycling rate, not all people sort their trash for recycling.

Q. Why did the Swiss company come to Senegal?
Ans: to share its recycling technologies in order to solve the country’s waste problems eager.

Q. The author compares landfills to
Ans: huge home trash containers.

Q. A person in Senegal would most likely recycle the peels from these fruits into
Ans: perfume

Q. What evidence does the author give to prove that Diobass is a skilled furniture maker?
Ans: He makes pieces that are regarded as among the bestin the country.


Home Is Where The Heart Is

Q. This selection shows mainly that a
Ans: dog’s love can be boundless.

Q. Jeff could be described as
Ans: energetic and curious.

Q. The authors use the information in this excerpt as
Ans: foreshadowing.

Q. Jeff’s most annoying habit is
Ans: barking in people’s ears.

Q. Based on this excerpt, which of the following is an opinion?
Ans: Scientists think monarch butterflies have directions stored in their DNA.

Q. Why is the word “emotional” used in the nickname “emotional GPS”?
Ans: to show that dogs use their feelings rather than their knowledge

Q. What do these two excerpts tell you about information on the Internet?
Ans: It needs to be evaluated before taken as reliable.

Q. Why is Dr. Jacobs skeptical that the dying dog is Jeff?
Ans: Stories on returning dogs are misleading.

Q. At the vet’s office, Jeff’s owner could be described as
Ans: nervous and hopeful.

Q. The dying dog identifies himself as Jeff by
Ans: barking in the vet’s ear.


Mystery On The High Plateau

Q. This selection is mainly about an earth cookie and
Ans: what could have caused it.

Q. The slab of earth that Rick Timm found in the middle of the wheat field
Ans: looked like a large pear-shaped cutout.

Q. What provided strong evidence that the hole and the earth slab were once connected?
Ans: The root systems of the hole and the slab matched.

Q. In this excerpt, the tone of Bianchi’s remark could be described as
Ans: humorous.

Q. Why were the geologists interested in the earth cookie?
Ans: They hoped to come up with an explanation for it.

Q. What information put a hole in the “ice raft” theory as an explanation for the earth cookie?
Ans: The temperature was not below freezing long enough.

Q. Who was the source of the information that put a hole in the “ice raft” theory?
Ans: the sixth-grade students

Q. What clue was found by the Timms after coming upon the earth cookie?
Ans: a hole with a smooth wall

Q. When coming up with an explanation for the earth cookie, all the geologists
Ans: could not agree on the most likely cause.

Q. What does this selection lead you to believe will be the outcome of the earth cookie mystery?
Ans: It may be solved one day.


The Prince Of Thieves

Q. This selection is mainly about Robin Hood and
Ans: how an incident in the forest changed his life.

Q. As this selection opens, Robin can be described as
Ans: hopeful and carefree.

Q. In this excerpt, the words the forester called out to Robin have a tone of
Ans: mockery.

Q. Although Robin won the bet with the forester, why did he also come out a loser?
Ans: He broke the law by killing the king’s deer.

Q. What did Robin mean when he said, “In haste I struck, but I grieve at leisure!
Ans: “He acted without thinking, and now he has plenty of time to regret what he did.

Q. What words provide evidence that Robin was truly sorry for killing the forester?
Ans: I wish my right forefinger had been stricken off ere that this had happened!

Q. How did being declared an outlaw affect Robin?
Ans: He could no longer have a normal life in his hometown.

Q. The Sheriff of Nottingham wanted to capture Robin primarily for
Ans: money.

Q. What does this excerpt tell you about life in this period of history?
Ans: Life was full of hardship and injustice.

Q. How did the band of outlaws come to be praised by the common people?
Ans: They pledged to live by a code of behavior.


A Magic Night

Q. This selection is mainly about Jason McElway and
Ans: how sports helped him improve his life

Q. When Jason was a child, how did his mom know that he was not like other children?
Ans: He avoided other children and did not speak

Q. This Sesame Street character inspired Jason to do something when he was five
years old. What did Jason do?
Ans: He spoke his first words, Big Bird

Q. What event caused Jason to become interested in basketball?
Ans: Jason’s older brother, Josh, started taking Jason everywhere he went, including sports locations

Q. Put these events from Jason’s life in order from first to last
– Jason became student-manager of the Greece Athena Varsity Basketball team
– Jason was the high scorer of the “senior night” basketball game
– Jason became a motivational speaker
– Jason ran in the Boston Marathon

Q. At the “senior night” basketball game, Coach Johnson told Jason he would try to get him into the game “only if the situation allowed.” This means the coach would let Jason
Ans: only if their team was in the lead and there was no real danger of them losing

Q. Read this excerpt. In the last sentence, the phrase “desired interview” most closely means
Ans: a person whom everyone wants to talk to

Q. How did Jason’s sudden fame affect him?
Ans: It made him more confident

Q. How do these two excerpts compare to or contrast with each other?
Ans: Both describe Jason’s enthusiasm and commitment toward the high school basketball team

Q. Which statement about Jason is correct?
Ans: He was a top-performing runner as a senior on the high school’s cross-country team


Human Vs Artificial Intelligence

Q. This selection is mainly about
Ans: A battle between human and artificial intel

Q. Choose the sentence in the excerpt that explains why a computer could be
Ans: They developed a special code that allowed the comp. to calculate

Q. What words best describe Kasparov’s state of mind during his losing match
Ans: Stunned and tense

Q. Based on this selection, which two words could be used to describe a computer’s thinking
Ans: Rigid & Predictable

Q. Why does the author refer to Deep Blues as “another beast”
Ans: It represented a mighty opponent to defeat

Q. Humans and computers are alike when playing chess because they both
Ans: Evaluate each move and its effect on the outcome of the game

Q. The author backs up his statement that computers are not considered as creative as humans
Ans: A computer can do only what humans have programmed it to do

Q. Why was Kasparov’s loss to Deep Blue so surprising
Ans: He had defeated Deep B and other computers in the past

Q. Based on this excerpt, what did Kasparov mean when he said of Deep B that he would “personally tear it to pieces”
Ans: If Deep B continued to play in chess competitions, he would beat it

Q. What does that excerpt tell you about human brains and computer intel
Ans: Human brains have the ability to be creative and imaginative



Q. This story is mainly about
Ans: the excitement generated by a unique NBA player.

Q. The author says that Lin is unique in the NBA. Which sentence supports that description?
Ans: He wasn’t drafted despite a very impressive college career.

Q. The author uses this opening paragraph to create a tone of
Ans: exhilaration.

Q. Which sentence indicates that prejudice may have hampered Lin’s rise to stardom in basketball?
Ans: Preconceived ideas kept him on the bench, just because of how he looked.

Q. Lin got his big chance because
Ans: other teams members became injured.

Q. Which saying characterized the training Lin received from his dad on the court?
Ans: Practice makes perfect.

Q. How did the factor of Lin’s heritage change during the basketball season?
Ans: from damaging to helpful.

Q. When the author says that coaches expressed their regret regarding their oversight, what does the word “oversight” refer to?
Ans: failure to notice

Q. Which sentence indicates the wide extent of Lin’s popularity?
Ans: People who did not follow sports knew all about him.

Q. What was the most important result of the season of Linsanity?
Ans: A player proved Asian Americans could be great basketball players.


William & The Windmill

Q. This selection is mainly about how William
Ans: Built a windmill to bring electric power to his village.

Q. When the drought was over, William planned to enter high school but did?
Ans: His family didn’t have the money to pay the school fees.

Q. In this excerpt, what’s the purpose of the third sentence?
Ans: It offers an example to support a statement given in the second sentence.

Q. A simile is a comparison between two things. Choose the sentence in this excerpt that shows
Ans: They were tall, steel towers with blades revolving like giant fans.

Q. Based on this excerpt, what was the most important factor in Williams’s decision to
Ans: There was plenty of wind in his area to power a windmill.

Q. How do these two excerpts from the selection work together
Ans: Both illustrate how William found the parts he needed from piles of scraps and junk.

Q. The selection state’s that since there is no work for “windmill” in the language of Malawi, William told the people the windmill was “magetsi a mphepo” what does this mean?
Ans: Electric wind

Q. Based on these two excerpts, the attitude of the people in the village toward William can best be described as
Ans: Doubtful

Q. When the windmill was finished, William unlocked the wheel to allow it to turn. The selection states this moment was “his moment” for two reasons
– To find out if his experiment would work
– To show everyone that he wasn’t crazy

Q. In this excerpt, which does the word “marvel” most closely mean
Ans: Look at wonder or amazement


The Treasures Of Asgard

Q. What is the main idea of the selection?
Ans: A noted trickster uses his mischievous spirit to get himself into and out of trouble

Q. What does the phrase “give me my fill” mean in this excerpt?
Ans: To satisfy hunger with food

Q. By eating the apples of Idun, the gods were able to
Ans: Avoid any signs of aging

Q. What does this excerpt tell the reader about Loki’s character?
Ans: He lets mischievous nature take over his good judgment

Q. According to this excerpt, the main factor in Loki’s success as a trickster was that
Ans: Other people were good and did not expect him to wrong them

Q. In this excerpt, the author creates a mood of
Ans: Suspense

Q. Choose the sentence in this excerpt that contains two figures of speech called similes
Ans: Now his flight becomes like the flash of lightning for swiftness and like the rushing of clouds

Q. Based on this excerpt, how did the council members realize that Loki was responsible
Ans: They investigated his movements on the day Idun disappeared

Q. For Loki, why would he consider his “trick” to have been a success?
Ans: He was able to tease the gods by their upsetting lives

Q. Read the following excerpt. In today’s society, Idun’s husband would most likely
– Writer of musical scores
– Performer in operas


Dumb Luck

Q. This selection is mainly about
Ans: how luck can give a person a false reputation.

Q. What technique does the author use to make the story appear true?
Ans: He says it was told to him by an honest clergyman.

Q. What does the banquet guest mean when he says, “It was food and drink to me to look, and look, and look at that idol”?
Ans: The guest felt inspired just by looking at Scoresby.

Q. What motivated the clergyman to help Scoresby in his first exam?
Ans: sympathy

Q. How does the clergyman ease his guilt about helping Scoresby succeed?
Ans: He believes Scoresby’s future actions will show others his lack of ability.

Q. What does this excerpt tell you about how the public treated Scoresby?
Ans: People believed that Scoresby could do no wrong.

Q. What could be considered Scoresby’s greatest stroke of luck?
Ans: coming upon the Russian army reserves

Q. Which of the following adjectives characterize Scoresby?
Ans: modest, trusting, and clueless

Q. At the end of the selection, what question might a reader have?
Ans: Why was the clergyman the only one to see Scoresby was a fool?

Q. This excerpt has a tone of
Ans: sarcasm.



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